Choosing Your Wedding Music

Planning a wedding can be lot’s of fun and takes a good imagination.  Most couples have never planned a wedding and for these brides and grooms who are new to the process, here are some tips when it comes to choosing the music.

Just like in a good Hollywood movie, music is used to set the mood, imagine a happy and fun song on a sad part of a movie . . .  So when you choose your music you need to close your eyes and imagine the setting , is your wedding ceremony indoors, outdoors?  What is the backdrop visual and what is everyone wearing?  What is the perfect song to choose to create a “Moment in Time”?, a moment that will last forever in your mind and will give everyone chills when they see your ceremony or dance along with your choice of music.  The reason you are reading this is because you’re considering hiring a live country band for your wedding reception.  We (Locked-N-Loaded) specialize in performing at weddings and have years of experience so we are able to provide you with many options as to your music, but here are some  of our recommendations to you and your wedding planner.

Having a live musical act perform at the ceremony is not always a good idea, having them perform at your reception is a great idea.  The reason we don’t prefer to play live during the ceremony or during the specialty dances (First dance, Father Bride dance, Mother Groom dance, money dance, bouquet toss or garter toss) is because a live band is a spectacle and is really something to see, live music is just as much a visual experience as it is a auditory experience.  We have seen weddings where the bride is making her entrance and the band starts playing, everyone in the crowd instinctively looks at the band and does not see the beauty of the bride in her finest moment.  All of that attention to detail with your dress, hair and makeup and half the audience is staring at the live band.  For this same reason we never recommend having a live country music band perform any of the specialty music or the ceremony music.  Instead, save the live band for the reception.

What we offer you (and is already included in your quote) is the service of coordinating exactly what songs you have chosen for each of these events:

  • Bride and Groom Entrance
  • First Dance
  • Father, Bride Dance
  • Mother, Groom Dance
  • Bouquet Toss Music
  • Garter Toss Music
  • Money Dance (when applicable)

We then purchase and download those songs from iTunes and install them on to our show ipad (and a backup device).  We will use that ipad to play these songs through our incredible sound system.

We also will help you choose your seating music (for guests as they begin to find seats), then your bridal party entrance music, then your procession (bridal march) music and eventually your celebration song right after you are pronounced as officially married.  Again, these songs will be purchased on itunes but we will then take these songs and lengthen them in a professional recording studio so that it is not noticeable to the audience, this is done to prevent the very embarrassing moment that we have to start a song over from the beginning because of a slight unforeseeable delay.  The songs are tripled in length to approximately 6-8 mins long instead of their 3-4 min version on itunes.  This is done as part of your bid so there is no extra charge.

When choosing a song that gives the perfect mood for the moment, keep in mind the appropriateness of the lyrics as it is human nature for some of your guests to analyze lyrical meaning when they listen to a song.  So a song about a breakup or love in trouble would not be appropriate at a wedding, even though the music is perfect.

We are here to help you through the process but Google can be a very helpful asset to help you choose country wedding songs as there are lots of lists online that wedding planners have taken the time to compile from their experiences.

Most of all, have fun planning your wedding music and don’t forget to close your eyes every once in a while and imagine while your listening to and auditioning songs.

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Author: Mark Dayton (Copyright 2015)


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